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China Cladding
REXI cladding system has extensive practical experience in wall system solutions. With the system we provide a simple solution of the spatial facade decoration. By hanging the different thickness of sheet through the keel fixed on the wall, we reached a corrosion-resistant, easy to clean and other multi-functional decorative effect.
Durable: China cladding system factory has professional and strict selection of materials to ensure impact resistance, scratch resistance, moisture resistance, abrasion resistance and many other outstanding performance. General dirt can be cleaned with a damp cloth agent or dirt.
Easy to install: module assembly, combined construction design makes the installation simple and accurate, saves the time and effort, and fasten the construction progress.
Easy to trace: The internal structure can be easily laid pipelines, China cladding system suppliers do not have to wall-embedded, so the pipeline maintenance and replacement is more convenient.
The structure is stable: the plate is fixed on the wall after connecting with the keel, and cooperates with reinforcement and treatment of each node to ensure the structural stability of the wall system to the maximum extent.
Environmental safety: China cladding system manufacturers’ product is in line with China GB8624 standard, fire-resistant grades up to B1-A; non-toxic, odorless, pollution-free E1-E0 level.
It is reusable, used as the entire board, both economic and can reduce the cladding system price. It is rich in design, with many colors, patterns and textures, so the designer's imagination can be fully released.China Cladding

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