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08-09-2018, 09:17 AM
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Pentane Foaming Agent price

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Iso-pentane foaming agent
Main performance:
This product is colorless transparent liquid. There is a scent. It can be miscible with ether, hydrocarbon and oil. It is difficult to dissolve in ethanol and insoluble in water.
The product is highly flammable. Use the  scene to ban fireworks. Do not drain into the sewer, prevent the sun and rain, take anti - static measures and ventilation and good sealing and preservation.
9 different proportion content:
Note:±2% is allowed
ItemUnitSpec of pentane80/20Spec of pentane60/40Spec of pentane50/50Test Method
Total-hexaneWt%≥99≥99≥99Gas Chro
N-hexaneWt%78-8258-6248-52Gas Chro
Iso-pentaneWt%18-2238-1248-52Gas Chro
heavierWt%≤0.1≤0.1≤0.1Gas Chro
Butane and LighterWt%≤0.1≤0.1≤0.1Gas Chro
Total Olefinppm≤20≤20≤20Gas Chro
Aromatic contentppm≤10≤10≤10Gas Chro
Benzeneppm≤1≤1≤1Gas Chro
NonvolatilemgBr/100ml≤1≤1≤1ASTM D1353
Total Sulfurppm≤1≤1≤1ASTM D5453
Doctor test-NegativeNegativeNegativeASTM D4952
Bromine indexmgBr/100g≤1≤1≤1ASTM D2710
Saybolt Color-303030ASTM D156
Total Nitrogenppm≤1≤1≤1ASTM D6069
Carbonylppm≤1≤1≤1ASTM E411
Copper corrosion-1a1a1aASTMD130
Residue Acidity-NeutralNeutralNeutralASTMD1093
Density at 15℃-0.615-0.6300.615-0.6300.615-0.630ASTM D4052
Attention carefully:
Extremely flammable, will form explosive  mixture with air, may result in combustion and explosion if expose to source of  heat or open fire. React violently with oxidant exposure.
Pack details:
Quality inspection 
What can we offer to you?
Pentane Foaming Agent price

China Cladding

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REXI cladding system has extensive practical experience in wall system solutions. With the system we provide a simple solution of the spatial facade decoration. By hanging the different thickness of sheet through the keel fixed on the wall, we reached a corrosion-resistant, easy to clean and other multi-functional decorative effect.
Durable: China cladding system factory has professional and strict selection of materials to ensure impact resistance, scratch resistance, moisture resistance, abrasion resistance and many other outstanding performance. General dirt can be cleaned with a damp cloth agent or dirt.
Easy to install: module assembly, combined construction design makes the installation simple and accurate, saves the time and effort, and fasten the construction progress.
Easy to trace: The internal structure can be easily laid pipelines, China cladding system suppliers do not have to wall-embedded, so the pipeline maintenance and replacement is more convenient.
The structure is stable: the plate is fixed on the wall after connecting with the keel, and cooperates with reinforcement and treatment of each node to ensure the structural stability of the wall system to the maximum extent.
Environmental safety: China cladding system manufacturers’ product is in line with China GB8624 standard, fire-resistant grades up to B1-A; non-toxic, odorless, pollution-free E1-E0 level.
It is reusable, used as the entire board, both economic and can reduce the cladding system price. It is rich in design, with many colors, patterns and textures, so the designer's imagination can be fully released.China Cladding

High Back Upholstery French Chair factory

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Olay furniture was founded in 2007 in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province. We are a furniture company with core capabilities in design, production and sales. We work closely with many furniture retailers and wholesalers iin America and Europe market.
With our award winning design team we are able to develop new introductions every season making design one of our core values.
we specializes in producing sofas ,dinning chair, bar stool ,tables ,ottoman storage.
State of the art production line, progressive equipment, excellent craftsmanship, veteran workers, and perfect quality control systems, combine to assure a high quality product delivered on time everytime.
We finish design and production within 35-55 days. We respond to customers’ inquiry within one workday, and 3 workdays for special project. We are committed to supply quality products to our customers from all over the world.
We will deliver high quality products that will surely satisfy you. We welcome customers from all over the world to partner with us.High Back Upholstery French Chair factory

cheap 2 ply glue auto window tint

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Our History
As a window film distributor since 2004, we mainly imported the window films from USA and distributed in the domestic market. In 2011, we built our own factory near city of Shanghai to produce and supplier the window films world widely.
Except supporting the OEM service, we also do ODM for customers and now co-operate with the laboratories and professors in Zhejiang Universities, Shanghai Fudan University,  RWTH Aachen Germany, NTU Singapore together to be a strong R&D team to develop the new products.
More, we established our own brands, such as BOP for paint protection films, and GSWF for window films to promote all over the world.
Our Factory
GSWF invested the advanced production equipment from Germany and Japan and achieved the output capacity around 700,000 meters per month. We are running under the IATF16949, ISO9001 and 8S management standard to make sure each delivery is qualified.
We owned the technology of material dispersion, PPF coating developing, UV curving and become the leader factory on the series of paint protection films, ceramic and carbon IR film.  
Our Product
GSWF Products includes the following:
1.Paint Protection Film
2.Auto window tint
3.Safety and Security Film
4. Architectural Film
5.Furniture Protection Film
6.Whiteboard Film
7.Special Film
Product Application
They are covering the applications of car body paint protection, automotive glass, residential and commercial glass, furniture surface protection, whiteboard writing, etc and service the industries of car factory, automotive aftermarket, construction, building window decoration, furniture, school, stationery and advertising and other special industries requires the high end functional films.
Our Certificate
IATF16494, ISO9001, SGS
Production Equipment
coating line, UV light, glue mixer, grinder, cutting machine
Production Market
Our market is 60% in domestic and 40% in international. For the domestic market, we mainly supply to car factories, 4S group, 4S shop, wholesalers and brand agents and distributors; and the foreign market covers around 25% in South America, 20% in East-south Asia, 15% in North America, 15% in East Euro and West Euro, 20% in Mid-est and 5% for others.
Our service
We have the website, exhibition promotion to let customers find our sales easily and have the perfect order processing and after-sales department to serve our customers. Responsibility is our promise to every customer and aim to build the long-term relationship together.cheap 2 ply glue auto window tint

wholesale Garlic Powder

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First grade dehydrated dried garlic powder
·         15 Years Experience for Dehydrated/Fried Garlic Products Manufacturer
·         Dehydrated garlic granules/flakes/powder
·         Fried garlic flakes/granules
·         Fried onion flakes/granules
·         Crispy garlic/onion
·         VF garlic flakes/granules
Product Description
NameFirst   grade dehydrated dried garlic powder
ColorNatural   white,pure white,yellow white,no   obvious dark spots
TasteStronger   and pungent garlic flover
HS Code0712905090
SO230 ppm   max
Coliforms100CFU/G   Max
Yeast   & MouldsMax   500/g
Use of dehydrated garlic:
1)Used in Pizza and other fast food, snack foods,food service packs,stuffing mixes,pickled products,meat products,sea food products,gravies,canned foods,soups,potato salad,seasoning,bakery topping,gourmet sauces,seasoning and in many other snacks or as ingredients.
2)Prevention and treatment of tumor and cancer
3)Detoxification qingchang, prevention and treatment of disease of heart head blood-vesselwholesale Garlic Powder